Party Animals Pony Rides
352-208-8225 or 352-528-5301
Party Animals Pony Rides has been operating in the Ocala, Gainesville and surrounding
area since 1991. We take pride in providing safe, beautiful ponies for children`s parties,  
photo shoots or any occasion. No matter what you`re planning, ponies make everything
more fun!

Party Animals  provides equine encounters for people of all ages at our location.  We
welcome visits from families, pre-schools, daycares, summer camps and senior groups.
Come visit us and enjoy a day at the farm!

Give us a call and we'll make your next event or family gathering unforgettable. For us,
it is about so much more than  the ride. Our goal is to give your family a complete
equine experience while sharing the beauty, intelligence and gentle nature of these
amazing animals.
Pony Parties
Farm Visits
17091 SE 67th Place
Morriston FL 32668
And So Much More
Parties here on our farm
are an experience of a
lifetime. Create memories
for the whole family
when you have your party
here with our ponies. We
have packages to suit
every budget. From no
frills to super deluxe you
will be sure to make your
child's dream come true.
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and more information.
Looking for something
interesting to do with your
children or guests from out of
town? We offer farm visits by
appointment. Not quite a
lesson, but much more than a
pony ride, your children or
guests will experience ponies
in a fun and affirming

Farm visits are individualized
to meet the needs and desires
of your child. Children enjoy
grooming, leading and riding
ponies. No two visits are ever
the same.
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