Chronicles Of A Scooby Snack
At 8pm on August 11th our Great Dane/Giant Schnauzer cross, Pixie, accidentally performed a great and
heroic deed. Thinking Pixie  was killing a bird Russ ran over to see what she had in her mouth. I went about
barn business as Russ yelled at Pixie to drop whatever creature she had in her mouth. I thought, "gee I
hope it's dead because I have no luck saving shocky birds". The ruckus had stopped, but Russ never
appeared back in the barn to continue evening turnout.

I looked over to see him stooped down looking at something on the ground. I noticed he had dug a small
hole as though he planned to bury some unfortunate creature. Just then I saw him pick something pink up
by the tail. I could see the little arms and legs flailing about. Than I saw him put it back down on the ground
and continue to stare.

At this point I had to walk over to investigate. I looked at him, looked at the pink wiggler on the ground and
said "What on earth are you doing?". He picked the little beastie up again and said "What do you think this
is? It's too big to be a mouse, is it a rat?". I looked again at this squiggling little 4" long creature and replied
"If it is, I sure don't want to meet the momma rat that gave birth to something that big!!!"  He said "I was
going to finish it off and bury it but it peeped at me and now I just can't do it".

I stared at this pathetic, ant and dirt covered animal for another few seconds and exclaimed "I KNOW WHAT
THAT IS!!! It's a squirrel!". I snatched it from Russ' hands, started brushing off the ants and ran in the house
to clean it up. I dug out one of the many old "critter keepers" my daughter had from a childhood of
collecting birds, lizards and bugs  (pays to be a pack rat at times) as well as the heating pad I keep around
for raising all manner of small animals. I got him all situated, grabbed my keys and bolted out the door to
Walmart, the only thing open so late that might have what I  needed.

I figured all the way there and back the little bugger would be dead when I got home, but what the heck we
should have that stuff around for these kind of situations. Besides, I happen to know IF you have the
supplies on hand, you will never need them. The minute you discard the supplies, the giant mutt WILL bring
home and orphaned animal.

I had decided on my ride home that if she was alive when I got back I would name her Scooby Snack, since
that is what she had been terribly close to becoming. I walked in the door expecting Russ to give me the
thumbs down and instead was greeted with "I checked a minute ago and she's still alive". I didn't know how
I felt about that since I was now extremely aware that I would be getting up every three hours for the next
few weeks to feed the baby squirrel. I mean... what else could I do?

After 1cc of pedialite at a time for the next six feedings, the little girl sure did perk up. The next few
feedings I mixed a small amount of puppy formula in and she definitely liked that. I gradually over the next
few feedings got her eating formula (4 tbsp esbilac to 1/2 heavy whipping cream since revised to 2tbs
water/1tbsp esbilac powder and 1/2 tbsp heavy whipping cream via St Francis formula). You have to love
google you can find anything including instructions from St Francis Animal Rehab on how to raise an orphan

This page will chronicle in pictures our adventures with Scooby Snack, however long the experience may
last. She's had a very rough start, but continues to surprise me with her strong will to survive. She has
terrible ant bites, which normally kill small animals, however she's eating well, eliminating well and gaining
weight. I'm cautiously optimistic at this point, but know that anything can happen with these tiny delicate

If you care to come along on this adventure please feel free to bookmark this page. I'll be updating
Saturday  night, very dehydrated ant bites not yet apparent
Monday much more energetic. Ant bites clearly visible
and obviously itchy. If you rube them gently she will do
the 'doggie leg thing' to help you get the right spot
Monday snoozing in my hand after her lunch as I
take pics
Above left to right...nephew Randy, daughter Sarah,
niece Tricia and of course Scooby in Parkland Florida
visiting with my sister and her family on Wednesday
Above my daughter Sarah holding Scooby and
my  niece Patricia in Parkland FL Wednesday
Pixie our unlikely heroine
Scooby Friday 8-17 back from S. Florida and happily
napping after her dinner. Her skin is healing beautifully.
Scooby enjoying her supper 8-20
Scooby reunited with her savior Pixie 8-20
Scooby happily snoozing wrapped in my shirt after one of her many many daily meals 8-21
contented Snacker 8-22
Did I save that? By the way, what exactly is it?
Scooby starting to take hold of objects 8-24
Napping between pony ride jobs...this will teach me to
fall asleep with russ and a camera nearby 8-25
sweet sweet slumber Scooby is a very accomplished napper
Tonight, 8-25-07, marks two weeks since Scooby dropped into our lives with a little help from a "friend".  
It's been a busy time because I'm living between three hour feedings. Time really passes quickly when
you have to stop what you're doing every three hours 24/7 in order to feed an infant squirrel.

I honestly never thought Scooby would make it past the first night. When I look back over these pictures
(check out those up every three hour bags under my eyes in that last shot) I am amazed. I realize now
how incredibly small and fragile she was and really still is.

Every Sunday we go to my parents' house for dinner. The first Sunday Scooby came along, which was the
very next day after we found her, my father refused to look at her. He's a big softy and he reasoned that
he didn't want to get attached to, in his words, "something that stands no chance of survival".

Every Saturday my father comes to my house for morning coffee. Today he took a good long look at
Scooby and this webpage. He shook his head in disbelief and said "St Francis would be proud!".  

I'm going to continue posting pictures of Scooby on page 2. This one is getting a bit large and probably
hard for some folks to load.

Scooby continues to thrive. She gains weight daily and is becoming much more active. We find
ourselves staring at her and smiling. I admit, I linger a bit after feedings just holding and watching her. I
love it when she yawns, balls up her little fists and stretches. I'm in awe of God's little creation. This
entire tiny being with a personality, thoughts and feelings all it's own.  I watch her change and evolve
daily. It is truly miraculous.

Below is a link to page 2 of Scooby's story.