10-12 through 10-20 Scooby is proving hard to photograph these days. These
next several photos have to be viewed as a series. In fact... I have a series of
series to be seen.

Immediately below we have the "To Catch A Thief" series. Scooby found the
package of cotton squares. In the past they were used for cleaning up the Snack.
Now, they have been commandeered to fortify the Scooby bunker.
Chronicles Of A Scooby Snack Page 11
The Discovery
The Grab
Across the window sill ....
to her favorite nesting spot
She spots something... a foot perhaps?
She gets ready and takes the leap
Perfect landing I give it a 10
Should I run up the pants leg?
From my hand takin' a kissin'
To my hand takin' a lickin'
The many moods of Scooby Snack. She is still so sweet and cuddly but she
LOVES to play. Believe it or not, despite the way it looks, she has NEVER
bitten me. She mouths my hands much like a puppy, but she never bites.
Below we have Scooby engaging in one of her favorite games of "Pounce On Momma
From Anywhere In The Room Landing On Any Body Part You Find". Yes it's a long title for
a game, but she has perfected this activity.

Here she has spied my unsuspecting foot. She makes the jump, lands perfectly and hangs
upside down contemplating running up my pants leg which I discourage VERY strongly!
Here we see a failed attempt to cut corners and
take the whole package to her hideout
Back to the original plan of taking
squares one by one up her critter
condo then..
Time out for a blueberry
... and a bit of formula