Well here it is November 2nd. WOW this year has just flown by. Here are some shots over the last
couple of weeks. Fall is HUGE pony ride season and I admit to not getting a lot of time to build
web pages.

Scooby remains just a joy. Anyone who walks in the room is reduced to giggles within seconds.
Her antics are indescribable, completely hirarious and hard to catch on film. I have a call into a
couple of services hoping to get some high speed internet. I'd love to be able to post video
because at this point it would be far more revealing.

Anything in the room is subject to being stolen. I hide my inhalers, tv remote, camera when not in
use. This morning my gatorade bottle disappeared and was de-labeled before I finally found it.
There are small chips of some kind of plastic on the floor I simply can't identify.
Chronicles Of A Scooby Snack Page 12
Above: Just Scooby being cute. She's still very social and playful. I know it can
change as they mature, but so far, she continues to enjoy our attention.

We get a little 'tude now days if we approach her food. I KNEW that day would
come. She's also not fond of having her cage door closed, but she tolerates
the short lockdowns when I have to leave the house and it is for her own safety.
Scooby still enjoys her formula. Yeah... a little slow to wean but I'm not
pushing her. Esbilac  has lots of great nutrition to offer and it's a nice
bonding time for us. She's down to one formula meal a day, usually just
before bedtime.

The glass is used to warm the syringes. She has discovered she can "bob"
for syringes and steal them. We've had a few syringe casualties.
Snack on a stick... well Scooby on the curtain rod anyhow. She has discovered you can
climb up the curtains and run across the rod. She's also figured out it's a snacking spot
no one can reach.

I've learned to look up when I enter the room now. I've been jumped from every angle you
can imagine. Look high, look low, look to the side and NEVER enter a room unclothed!!!
After all that curtain climbing Scooby engages in a wild game of hand wrestling. No holds
barred, winner takes all. Amazingly she has NEVER bitten me hard. All the scratches I'm
sporting these days come from those impossible to trim claws!

After much activity she collapses on top of her cage and falls asleep. I think she must
have napped there for over an hour.
Please Take A Moment To Visit Scooby's Breast Cancer Awareness Page
Who's the snack now?! I'm beginning to think I'm a chew toy. Amazing thing is that
these savage looking attacks never leave a mark. Her play is painless, well there's the
claw problem, but her teeth never hurt me.

The phone on the other hand took quite a beating. This is our new phone. I seem to have
left it unattended in Scooby's room. Russ says it's coming out of her nut allowance.  I
wonder if the warranty covers squirrel damage?
I woke up feeling like someone
was staring at me... go figure.
"That's the spot... right there"
Sweet little face, a rare quiet moment
Worth two in the bush???
Just two of the shots that make me laugh out loud. Imagine this all day long.
This is what makes Scooby such a joy. I enter "her" room (actually my room
too) and within seconds of being in her presence I'm giggling madly.
Photos below taken 11-14