Chronicles Of A Scooby Snack
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Sleeping happily with her "friend" up to 44
grams and getting very fuzzy 8-27
Luka taking a look
Looking a little closer
and closer still...ya think Scooby has that being stared
at  feeling? If she did she sure never showed it!
As you view the photos below, rest assured, no Scoobies were in danger of being snacked upon. I had
my hand on Luka's jowels the whole time.

About Luka:
She is my first Dane. I'd met Pixie via JoAnn Wilson who owned her first and I was smitten. One day
while holding a garage sale at a friend's home, a girl asked if anyone wanted her Dane. Without even
seeing Luka I said "sure I'll give her a try" with visions of Pixie in my head. Luka was two and pretty well
untrained. She bonded to me immediately to the point I began calling her my stalker. I'm allowed to do
NOTHING without Luka. I'm reasonably sure I had a restraining order against her in another life.  I had
no idea that day that I would eventually be owned by Pixie. I never dreamed of having TWO dogs this

Needless to say she is feeling a bit like a three year old (her current age) who just had a baby born into
the family. She goes through a battery of "tricks" daily to get my attention.  It's become quite comical.

Here's Luka checking out the competition. She's not been aggressive at all, just VERY curious.
Scooby weighed in today at 44 grams. She is roughly twice the size she was when we first found her.
She's getting quite fuzzy and looking much more squirrel-like, which is a huge relief because I would
have been extremely humiliated to be nursing a baby rat all this time though I'm sure we'd have loved
a rat under the same circumstances.

Scooby has been favoring her left arm, but I have been assured by people on the Squirrel Board
(yes... there are lots of squirrel people out there) that it is likely a strain from being more active and
will probably resolve itself. I'm keeping a close eye and I do see improvement.  As of 8-27 her ears are
standing up! She still has scars from the ant bites. I think her big girl coat will cover most of them
Check out that ear 8-27
weighing in at 47 grams today seen here in her post feeding coma 8-28
you can get an idea of her size... she's still so tiny! 8-28
8-29.. weighing 51 grams.. the flowers were so pretty this
morning I couldn't resist taking this shot
8-30 Scooby weighs 55 grams. She changes so much every day it's amazing! I estimate her
to be just at 3 weeks old. It will be another full week or so before she opens her eyes.  She
seems to grow hair by the minute.  I've caught her sucking her own thumbs a time or two  
and she just loves to be scritched and held. After her meals she curls up in my hand and
falls sound asleep. It's hard, but I force myself to put her back in her little "house" so I can
get something, anything done. It would be VERY easy to sit and watch her make cute little
sucking faces as she sleeps soundly twitching now again while she dreams.