Chronicles Of A Scooby Snack Page 3
I was recently asked what Scooby does beside sleep. Well at this point, with
her eyes still closed, sleeping is by far the activity at which she is most
accomplished. Below are some pictures of her other favorite pastimes.  She's
grown so much the last few days. She really fills up my hand now.
Scooby showing her amazing eating skillz. Yup...that squirrel got skillz for sure. Scoobs weighed
in at 61 grams today.

She's also showing off her new favorite nipple. This has been a wonderful addition to our squirrel
care kit. I ordered the "nipple sampler" kit from Squirrels and More (online store). Russ was very
diligent about checking the mail for my new nipple sampler though he seemed somewhat
disappointed when it arrived and he realized it was for the squirrel.  
helping me get just the right itch spot  8-31  
Look carefully in the upper left corner of this shot. Someone
is very jealous 8-31
Loving having her armpit scritched
Say it with me now... awwwwwwwww 8-31
9-2 Scooby's morning weigh in. Most
girls don't want their weight made
public, but Scooby is proud of her
high numbers. After all, good weight
gain is a sign of a healthy thriving
Here we are outside catching a little
vitamin A & D the natural way
.  9-2
Looking for a between meal snack. She has lower
teeth and is  just barely breaking through her top
teeth but she never uses them. 9-2
Holding my "hand" while she naps 9-2
I took this one to give you an idea of her
actual size and how much she grows in a
couple of days time. Compare this pic to
the 8-31 shots.
Threw this one in just cause it's cute 9-2
As of 8pm last night (9-1-07) Scooby has been with us 3 full weeks. She's a full time
commitment but worth all the lost sleep and rescheduling of my day to day life.
She's showing me that every day is a gift to be cherished and that every life is worth

I've been asked many times what we will do with Scooby when she is grown. For the
most part Scooby will let us know what is best for her.  Squirrels have quite a gift for
letting you know if your company is desired. For now, we are taking things one day
at a time, grateful for every day God and Scooby allow us to be part of her life.