Chronicles Of A Scooby Snack Page 4
Today, 9-3, started normally with our morning feeding and a trip to the scale to see how much
Scooby's grown. Scooby scarfed down 4cc's of formula and weighed in at 81 grams this morning.
Scooby now climbs into my hand when it's time to eat
Here she is taking her usual post meal nap
The rest of our day was progressing pretty much as usual. Scooby eating, falling asleep in
my hand, me staring adoringly at her while she dreams.  When I went to feed Scooby this
evening, I picked her up and immediately noticed .........
Here she is squinting in the "bright" light
Then she got a good look and said "HELLO
MOM!!". Actually she was yawing, but it sure
looks like she's talking!
Here we are 9-4 and Scooby has opened her
right eye as of this morning
Scooby weighed in at 86 grams this morning. Look at that tummy!
I know... just too cute for words right? 9-4
Scooby just loves to cuddle in my hand. I tried to stick
her in my pocket so I could have a "hands free" Snack,
but she just crawled back out and into my hand again.
Today, 9-5, I was in town running errands. I stopped at the Dollar General to find a new "house"
for Scooby. Soon she will need a bit of room to move around. While I was there I couldn't resist
picking up a few cuddle toys for the new digs.  I get on line to pay for my goodies and the lady
behind the counter asks "Aww is it someone's birthday?",  I reply "No, they are for my squirrel",
at which point she shoots me that raised eyebrows incredulous look and I realize...I'm being
looked at like I'm insane by the woman checking me out at the Dollar General . It's official, I'm a
crazy squirrel lady!!!
Scooby with her new cuddle toys. She weighs 94 grams as of today.