Chronicles Of A Scooby Snack Page 5
Today, 9-6, Scooby weighs 101 grams. She's becoming much more active. It's quite a trick to
settle her down for feeding. She is so excited about her formula that she's wiggling all over
and let me tell you it's not easy to get the nipple in the mouth of a moving target. She actually
sucks hard enough now to pull the syringe plunger down herself. I'm just there to regulate
the speed and make sure she doesn't suck the nipple off the tip of the syringe! I decided,
this afternoon, to see if Scooby had any interest in solid food. Just like people babies,
squirrel babies cut their teeth on Cheerios. As you can see, she took to the idea very quickly!
"Let me check out this strange object" 9-6
"Seems safe...Ok... I'll bite!!!" 9-6
106 grams and obviously in good flesh!
All she needs is a recliner and a remote
control she could pass for my husband.
Sweet little smiley face 9-7
Taking comfort in a little "thumb" sucking.
She has lots of them to choose from. 9-7
Kicked Back Snack 9-7
Today, 9-8, was a super exhausting day and I apologize to Scooby's fans, but I just didn't get a whole
lot of shots. We had work and than My neighbor (Hi Vicky) needed help with a pony, we horsey
neighbors are always on call for each other, and the day slipped away.  Scooby did accompany me next
door a few times and was very helpful, but of course being worried about the pony I totally forgot my
camera and missed some cute moments with Scooby and the vet.

Scooby weighed in at a whopping 112 grams, which I had to double and triple check because I couldn't
believe the number on the scale. She's getting much more active. She still naps for a time immediately
after meals but is ready within a few minutes to play which involves running through my hands, over
my shoulders and sucking on my fingers.

She has also discovered she can curl up and nap with me. Below are a couple of shots of her new
favorite place to kick back.
Sweet little Scooby kisses 9-8
Fast asleep in her new favorite spot 9-8
Here it is, Sunday, September 9th. Sunday night is family night for us. We drive to my mom
and dad's to have dinner. Tonight was Scooby's 4th family night. It's hard to believe she's
been here for a month already. That first night my father refused to even look at her
because he was sure she'd never make it through the week. Things sure have changed as
you can see from the photo below.

Scooby weighed in today at 117 grams. She's becoming very playful. Cheerios are a big
favorite. I'm waiting on her package from Squirrels and More with her other supplies.

These are just a few shots of Scooby with her family. She's loved by many that's for sure!
Scooby with Gramma Alice and Grampa Bob
Here she is with her sister Sarah
And now with Mom (Jodi), Sarah and Dad (Russ)