Chronicles Of A Scooby Snack Page 6

September 10, 2007... I drove Russ in to get his car from the mechanic, imagine a BMW with
340,000 miles needing mechanic (tee hee), and took the opportunity to go to Petsmart for some
squirrel friendly supplies. I found some neat stuff. The blue lined bed is for ferrets, the green
tunnel is for parrots and the little blankies were only $2 up near the register. They are intended as
"puppy" gifts and I think the money is donated to dog rescue, but the size and the price were
right for Scooby's new house warming gift.

Below you can see Scooby's new house from the outside. It's a big Rubbermaid type container
with her heating pad under one half. This enclosure is the step between the tiny critter keeper
and a regular cage. She certainly hit the ground running with all this new space. It was very hard
to get any pictures of her.

So far her favorite thing is the new cup bed. She heads right for it to give herself a bath and take a
nap. Scooby's weight on this day is 124 grams. She's gaining by leaps and bounds now.
Scooby's new home from the outside
Checking out the new furniture
A clean new house calls for a clean Scooby
Continuing with her bath
Taking a moment to say her prayers
Back to her favorite between meal activity
Good morning sleepy head 9-11
Washing between her toes 9-11
Future opera singer? Nah just yawning 9-11
I double dog dare you to take this
from me  9-11
September 11, 2007 Scooby weighs 134 grams (that's 4.3 oz for the metric challenged such
as myself). She spends much more time awake these days. She'd love to just run all over
the house but she's much too small. I'm working on a "safe room" for her.

Scooby is beginning to try new foods. Last night she enjoyed a taste of watermelon and
this afternoon she was sampling some mighty fine "rodent block" which is a complete
rodent diet biscuit of sorts.
September 12, 2007. Scooby would like to take this opportunity to wish Aunt Dale (my
sister) and Uncle Lou (my bro in law) a VERY happy 25th wedding anniversary. Scooby will
be attending the big party this weekend down in Parkland.

Our little Snack weighed in today at 143 grams. Russ brought home some acorns for her,
but she's not showing much interest in messing with them yet. Russ did mention being
looked at a bit sideways while he was picking up acorns from the parking lot near his
office. The things a daddy does for his squirrel girl.

Scooby is very affectionate. We've been spending time bonding as you can see from the
pictures below.
This hairstyle is all the rage in Europe.
And people say I have no sense of
style..I think this proves otherwise!
The latest in hair accessories.
There's nothing better than a sweet
bedtime Snack
Completely relaxed she has not a worry in the world