Chronicles Of A Scooby Snack Page 7
We're back!! Scooby apologizes on my behalf for the delay in updates. We had a very busy
week with some ups and downs. Scooby is fine and had no issues,  but there was a bit of
chaos down here on the farm.

We're a little behind on weights, but as you can see Scooby  is growing and thriving. She's
trying new foods daily and becoming quite the little clown. I 'm reduced to being a human
tree and treat center. She plays with toys now which is just too cute for words. My daughter
gave Scooby a tiny stuffed unicorn and Scooby spends lots of time dragging it about by one
ear, pouncing on it and when she's all done playing she drags it under her blankie for a nap.
9-12 Here is Scooby enjoying her very first grape. Note... it's peeled... I have been
reduced to a grape peeler for a squirrel. Her ego is huge these days,  with people
peeling grapes and serving her every need.
9-13 No, your not seeing Scooby in stereo. On this day, about 10 am, I received a call from a
'neighbor' and fellow carriage driver about ONE orphan squirrel in her yard. She described a
very lethargic baby about Scooby's age. I told her to bring her over so I could get her
re-hydrated and fed. She brought me a little girl who was cold, pale and very emaciated. I got
her warmed up and started getting some nourishment into her. Several hours later, another
call, the baby girls litter mate was following them around the yard. They brought me another
toddler squirrel, a little boy this time, in a bit better shape but very thin as well. It's believed
their momma drowned in a trough a couple of days before and these two bitty ones had  been
on their own with no way to eat. Thank goodness for wonderful, caring people who go the
extra mile. I started the babies on their way to recovery and called a local rehabber. I know my
limits. I had to be away for the weekend and couldn't handle TWO more babies. These two are
very wild so I dubbed them "The Wild Things" individually named Thing One and Thing Two.
On 9-14 I took them to stay with a nice wildlife rehabber  who was THRILLED to have them.

The difference between the Wild Things and Scooby was night and day. Russ commented it
was like they were a whole different critter.  They growled at me, would nip my fingers if I
wasn't quick enough with the food and were extremely skittish to any kind of sudden
movement or noise. Scooby on the other hand is oblivious to most things and happy to lie on
her back after a meal. If she had pants, she'd have one hand down the front like a man lying in
a recliner watching the ballgame. I believe Scooby is actually some kind of Florida Sloth in a
squirrel suit.
9-15 My whole family took a trip down to S Florida for my sister and brother in law's 25th
Wedding Anniversary. They went all out. This party was fully catered (YUMMY FOOD), live
music, pro photographer and GORGEOUS floral arrangements. I couldn't resist posing Scoobs
among these amazing flowers.

The professional photographer did all sorts of family portraits and he even shot Scooby
enjoying her very first carrot. I hope to have those shots soon.

Scooby was the hit of the party. And, in typical Scooby form, she took all the attention in stride,
actually she took it all asleep in my hand and my pocket. Nothing bothers her. She also travels
incredibly well.

Scooby is turning out to be quite an ambassador for squirrels in general. Squirrels often get a
reputation for  being "vermin". You hear it all the time, phrases like tree rat, fluffy tailed rat etc...
More than one person expressed rethinking their attitude after meeting Scooby. We even had
one man making us promise not to tell his wife he thought the squirrel was REALLY cute.

Of course... I got called all sorts of funny names for having a squirrel in my pocket. This was,
after all, South Florida, where apparently carrying a rodent around in your pocket is not all that
common. I grin when I get called hick and farmgirl since I grew up on Long Island, attended
several years of college and run my own business.  I have to admit I don't think of myself that
way. Of course I was beginning to recall Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be a redneck if..." and
thought "you travel around with a squirrel in your pocket".
9-17 Ahhh to be back at home in our normal routine. Russ and I have decided we are
not world travelers. Me missed our dogs n ponies a bunch. Above you see Scooby in
her normal laid back fashion. Lying on her side, little legs tucked under her chest.

Scooby  weighed in today at 171 grams.
I guess I can't use Scooby in my magic act. She's not good at hiding up my sleeve!
Of course she can't see us so she assumes we can't see that fluffy tail hanging out.  
She's eating every five hours now (YAYYYY) which means I actually get to sleep
through most of the night. She's enjoying more solid foods. So far she's tasted
cheerios, grapes, carrots, apples, avocado and walnut halves. She also has her
rodent block and monkey chow to gnaw on.