Chronicles Of A Scooby Snack Page 8
9-20 Scooby is spending a lot of time playing these days. Weighing in at 184 grams, she is
definitely a contender in the S.A.W.F. (Stuffed Animal Wrestling Federation).

She plays hard and sleeps harder. I'm getting very good at shooting towards myself to get
shots of Scooby. Since we are home alone all day, I'm the only one who can get pictures. If
I set the camera down for a second I miss something adorable.

A few people have asked if I will be uploading video. I'm looking into it now. With the slow
connection we have out here in the middle of nowhere, it's hard to upload video.
"Hey mom, whatchyadoin?"
"Grrr grrrr grrr I got that hand!"
Ahhhwoooo the weresquirrel of
She's showing this unicorn who's boss!
Obviously THE favorite toy
A sweet goodnight kiss
One of the sweetest shots so far, the
cuteness is sometimes overwhelming  
Hide-N- Seek
9-21 We have a long work day tomorrow so I'm making arrangements for Scooby to come
along. It's not the ideal situation and if I can leave her home it will be better. Just in case I
decided I needed a "Snack Pack". Scooby is, as you can see, very involved in the product
development during the manufacturing process.
Plenty of headroom..... CHECK
Room to recline ..... CHECK
Easy exit.... Check. Scooby tested
and approved!
9-22 Here we see Scooby enjoying one of her middle of the night feedings. This was
probably about 3am. She's wide awake and like most toddlers, gets distracted during meals.
Weighing in about 200 grams, she's now eating 10cc of formula per feeding  which takes 4
syringes. While I'm switching syringes she's off and romping around. Because I have to
chase her down and get her attention back on her meal, feedings take a lot longer these

After her very late night meal and a brief playtime, Scooby settles back in for the rest of her
beauty sleep. I have no idea why I had the camera with me in the middle of the night, but I'm
glad because these shots are just too cute.
Lounging around enjoying her meal
You can't hear it, but I'm actually
telling her a bedtime story to get her
back to sleep.
Soundly sleeping once again, with evidence
of her bedtime snacking on her blankie
9-26 It's hard to believe what a huge difference only 4 days can make. Scooby now
weighs in at 215grams. She no longer falls asleep after meals. Now she wants to

Scooby is a photo opportunity a second. Thank goodness for digital cameras!
Ohh this is pretty, wonder what it is?
TIme out... got an itch
Ok..back to exploring. Anything in here?
Awww man NUFFIN! Now how
to get out of this thing.
Whew...I'm out. Do I dare look again?
Hello? Is this 1-800-nuts4me?
Hmm...wonder whats around this corner?
Easy entry... CHECK
c'mere, c'mere... look what I found!