Chronicles Of A Scooby Snack Page 9
9-27 This was a VERY big day for Scooby. MOVING DAY!!! Scooby graduated from
her rubbermaid to her big girl house. This was very hard on mommy (me). I fretted
over the chance she would be cold or fall from a shelf. I actually felt nervous as Russ
put together her 5' X 2.5 X 2.5 living quarters.

Scooby took it all in stride, exploring the decor, moving her furniture and welcoming
her "friends" (unicorn and sock monkey).

Of course, in typical childlike form, with all these neat places to sleep, Scooby chose
to sleep in the white canaster (previous page) on the shelf of my headboard. That'll
teach me to purchase special cage accessories!
The Scoobster's new digs
Watch out for that first step, it's a doozy
Sheesh... those movers NEVER put your stuff in
the right place! Must I do EVERYTHING myself?
There now... that's the right spot.
Hmmmph... This is new.
Ahh I like it..great home office or
guest room potential.
Welcome home my sweet. *smooch* Shall we dance in celebration of our new home?
9-29 through 10-3 WOW time flies. My deepest apologies for the delay in an update. Scooby's Aunt
Dale had her surgery and was recovering well but has been told she will need more surgery very
soon. Scooby asks for everyone's prayers for Aunt Dale to have a safe and successful surgery with
a quick recovery.

Scooby is VERY busy these days. She has many games she likes to play since relocating to her
new house. She's also become darn near impossible to photograph since I don't have  a "speed of
light" shutter setting on my digital camera.

Scooby has moved her friends into her hammock cube. Unicorn and Sock Monkey are both safely
tucked in at bedtime along with several snack foods.
Mmmm Peanuts
Mmmmm Pecans
Hello?? Is someone out there?
Ahh there you are... and how can I
help you?
Inside the cube, Scooby's inner sanctum
Spider squirrel, spider squirrel does
whatever a spidersquirreldoes